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Where is Tae Roon

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I have been looking for this fat bear thing for hours! I'm in the map that it says he spawns in but there is NOTHING HERE! No monsters or any thing! Just an empty map! Dear god help! >.<
Posted: September 2011 Permalink


I'm in the 3rd bear map and there is seriously nothing here
Sep 12 2011
there should be an npc like the silent crusade npcs when you need to start a 1 man party or more to go in

just googled, hes in the 4th zone
Sep 12 2011
Wait. You have to wait for him in the empty map if he's not there already. There is not a portal like others.
@above. Nope.
Sep 12 2011
found him. you have to go in, go out and then back in for him to spawn
Sep 12 2011

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