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Raven Horn Chaser Set

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Chubsin Level 170 Khaini Night Lord
Does anybody on all of basil know how to get the Raven Horn Chaser Set (and other 140 sets)? I have seen people (fleyx's video) call them Empress gloves but how do you even get it?
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kill the empress how else, oh yea and i believe she also drops recipes for them?
Sep 17 2011
For the equips, you can kill the instructors that the empress summons, but the weapons themselves are only dropped by the empress herself.

@above. Empress drops recipes for the capes, nothing else.
Sep 17 2011
Instructors drop the recipes. I hope I get to fight it some day
Sep 17 2011
Chubsin Level 170 Khaini Night Lord
So basically people go in knowing cygnus herself is impossible to beat but they farm recipes from the job instructors (eckhart, oz, irena, mihile, hawkeye)?
Sep 17 2011
@Zerytle you just said she drops the weapons but then you said she only drops the capes? [/quote]

Oops, I guess that was poorly worded, lemme try again

The instructors drop the equips (hat, overall, glove, boots), but only Empress drops the weaps. In addition, I'm pretty sure that only the empress drops the recipe to make the cape.

So in recap,

Instructors - hat, overall, glove, boot
Cygnus - weapon, cape.

EDIT: Thanks darkmonkey13! Just looking it up on hidden street lol. The KoC spirits drop the cape recipe as well, but until whatever next super boss comes out, Cygnus is currently the only dropper of the weapons themselves (which are pretty amazing iirc).
Sep 17 2011
what is this raven horn chaser set you speak of?
Sep 28 2011
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