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Maplestory wont run

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Alright so, the title says it all ^ but im running on windows 7 sony vaio laptop, when i start maplestory it runs the hackshield then it goes to the starting screen you know the one before it shows nexon and wizet things, it goes to black screen in the beginning and then it waits for like 1 second i dont see the little maplestory mouse at the top left corner or anything and it closes and i get no error please help its appreciated Thanks~
Posted: September 2011 Permalink


@Bubbleman150 i have bit defender anti virus, and there is this thing called Game Mode where it allows games so i doubt its my anti virus.
Sep 18 2011
okkk i know what to do LISTIN ok? ok first u uninstall everything hackshield downloader and game then reinstall then if it says error code well then u go on google then type the error code in then there is a link idk the name then click install crud then it proboly gonna work ok if it dosent work well ur screwed well if it works good 4 u contacted me plz
Sep 18 2011
@ekmapler i just said up there ^ there is no error with hackshield or anything i reinstall it,and it just does the same thing, i get no error reinstalling is a waste of time because all it does it starts black screen then, closes with no error please help with more relevent information read the info better ^ Thank You.
Sep 18 2011
Bubbleman150 Level 162 Windia Mercedes 4
@iHateChores: game mode just means that it will not have popups so when u have a fullscreen game, it wont minimize it
Sep 18 2011

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