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How can I get strless equips for my Mercedes.

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Hey guys, as some of you may know a new class called Mercedes is coming out. Since I love them and I'm gonna continue it forever, I wanna be strong. Will there be any new strless mercedes equips and if there will be, how can I get them.
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Luuiiss Level 200 Scania Shadower
Mercedes wont even come out for a looooong time so nobody knows what events there gonna be for their equips
im hoping they bring back VPQ so they make Alien DualCrossbows omfg -orgasm- strless ftw<3
Sep 20 2011
Aren't Mercedes gonna come out this November?
Sep 20 2011
You can't get the weapons right now, but nearly all the equipment is strless anyway. After the weapons come out, good luck on figuring out how to be strless unless/until they re-release VPQ with the mercedes weapons or they are released during an anniversary event.
Sep 20 2011
more like cannon shooters beginning December
Mercedes Winter Break Demon slayers like new years are my prediction
because around christmas is when people get allot of nx and they release overpriced crap for classes like demon slayers top/bottom but in kms they were more like a month apart but with the JUMP patch all in one update maybe?
Sep 20 2011
thedylan Level 155 Windia Bishop
december/january maybe
and don't they just use two crossbows?

Nah they use a new weapon that's called dualcrossbow or something like that. They'd be literally like a dual blade + bowmaster if they used 2 weapons.
Sep 20 2011
None. In KMS we have no VIP weps for Mercades or Cannon shooter.
Sep 20 2011
Hey guys, as some of you may know a **new class called Mercedes is coming out**. **Since I love them** and I'm gonna continue it forever, I wanna be strong. **Will there be any new strless mercedes equips** and if there will be, how can I get them.[/quote]

> Will be out in a few months
> How do you [i] already [/i] love them?
> I don't know
Sep 20 2011
Mercedes get a +30 str/dex buff at second job. FOr the cannon shooter, you can do something called a link skill and transfer 15 of each stat (str/dex/int/luk) to another character. The Falconwing grand dual bowgun, from the empress, has a requirement of 170 str. The bloody bowgun requires 100 gallant emblems from PVP to make it and its str requirement is 160. Also, there is a reverse weapon which has a requirement of 125 str. Most nonfunded mercedes use a lv 110 strless dual bowgun. As for me, I have 110 str in equips (from 119% dex). So, +30 from the mercedes and +15 from the link skill is what I am right now... 155 str. I will have to find a way to get 15 str more or 5 str more for either the falconwing grand dual bowgun or the bloody bowgun.
Sep 21 2011

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