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Refining ores help

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KoreanNick Level 52 Windia Fighter
Can anyone tell me who refines ores now? I've talked with everyone that used to refine them (Pre-BB) & now they frauding saying that their currently only repairing your things now. Any help would be appreciated.
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Koncept Level 53 Windia Fighter
u do
get smithing and u make them now plus if u have any addi or bronze ill buy them
Sep 22 2011
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Tagg Level 122 Kradia Phantom 4
Go to Ardentmill. It's located in all the major towns (look for a small square structure with a book and flipping pages on top. Go through the yellowish portal inside).
Talk to the elder (left side, top level).
Go to the bottom level and head right. Then talk to Cole and "Learn Mining".
Follow his tutorial and you should learn how to refine ores.
Sep 22 2011
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KoreanNick Level 52 Windia Fighter
@Koncept - Oh I already knew about that, lol. I was just wondering if there wan NPC who refines ores for you. How are you supposed to smith now if you don't have smithing? Because I don't want to lose my mining lvls. ):

@Tagg - " "
Sep 22 2011
Don't bother selling bronze unless you really need the money. Use it for yourself.
Sep 22 2011
Awsomegamer99 Level 203 Demethos Aran 4
oh nononono, its ok,even if your Mining LV is a bit low,mine some more and have fun doing it,and btw once you Chosen to be a Miner,you can choose to be a Accesory Crafter or a Smith,im a Smith,and i mine for Brown Veins everyday,to get Adma and Bronze ores,and some brown powders=Angelic Blessing Ring made! i just mine for the hell everyday.
i can make over 100 Admatium and Bronze plates if i wanted too,but im going to collect the ores and make plates when my time is right. Good Luck Making Stuff!
Sep 22 2011
Mining is the skill that you make plates with NOT Smithing. If you have another character over level 30 and you want/need to learn smithing do it on that one. I have my Bishop doing Herbalism and Alchemy, WH doing Mining and Crafting and my MM doing Mining and Smithing (not including the many mules that can do herbing/mining when fatigue is low and I need something done).

You should be all set to make plates if you already have Mining. Just open up your professions window, click on the Mining tab and scroll down to see what you need for the plates you want to make.

P.S. Making plates is called Smelting.
Sep 22 2011
KoreanNick Level 52 Windia Fighter
Thanks to all who helped!
Sep 22 2011
Koncept Level 53 Windia Fighter
@KoreanNick: make a new char get to 30 Make him learn smithing
or wisper me in any of my chars ill Refine them for u
Sep 22 2011

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