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I need a bowmaster post-ascension SP guide

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Sep 27 11
Bera Aran 4
In preperation for ascension, I've made a bowman. I'm almost hitting 2nd job, so I would like to know: is there any good bowmaster post-ascension guide? I've been searching all over the internet but not a single guide. If anybody knows a good (<important) post-ascension bowmaster (<bowmaster. not marksman.) guide, please post link in the comments.

(also, sorry if there's some bad english in this thread. I'm not american/british. )
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Sep 27 11*
KradiaGMS Evan 10th Growth
Dude. One post below you is a post Ascension SP distribution guide for 4th job.... -.-

Next time, look better.. I can't appreciate this very much ;(
Sep 28 11
Mardia Wild Hunter 4
This guide is for Ascension.
First Job-Max all but Arrow Blow
Second job-Max everything but hawk. Make sure it is at least lvl 10
3rd-Max everything but straff
Sep 28 11
Bellocan Shadower
MapleStory Screen: Shad keyboard config
Sep 28 11*
Bera Aran 4

i'm using this one.

This is the best guide thanks. But at 2nd job I'm going to max soul arrow and leave hawk at 10 just like x3Inferno said (It gets replaced by phoenix it seems, so duh).

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