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Are Angelic Blessing recipes going to inflate

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Am wondering this because i just bought one for like 180M and idk how much its worth. I also wodering if they will inflate any time since the new drop system will make it harder for others to get it?
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lvl1noob Level 200 Scania Blade Master
yeah, of course. i sold mine for 200m the other day. New updates will bring new rings and other items.
Sep 27 2011
New Screen: Scania dc hacker
Only time will tell
Sep 27 2011
What kind of new rings will be implemented?
Sep 27 2011
Hookydi Level 100 Khaini F/P Mage
Let me check my crystal ball and tell you.
Sep 27 2011
Why would it inflate? Am I not getting a joke here? MORE rings as in more substitutes means prices RISE?
Sep 27 2011
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