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Are Angelic Blessing recipes going to inflate

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Am wondering this because i just bought one for like 180M and idk how much its worth. I also wodering if they will inflate any time since the new drop system will make it harder for others to get it?
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lvl1noob Level 200 Scania Blade Master
yeah, of course. i sold mine for 200m the other day. New updates will bring new rings and other items.
Sep 27 2011
Only time will tell
Sep 27 2011
What kind of new rings will be implemented?
Sep 27 2011
FantasyDreams Level 159 Scania Marksman
white angelic blessing[/quote]

Could you explain more about it? Like the stats, level requirement (if any), etc.
Sep 27 2011
Hookydi Level 100 Khaini F/P Mage
Let me check my crystal ball and tell you.
Sep 27 2011
Why would it inflate? Am I not getting a joke here? MORE rings as in more substitutes means prices RISE?
Sep 27 2011
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