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Best Place to Farm Beauty Coupons

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Sep 29 11
ElNido Aran 4
Best Place to Farm Beauty Coupons? Anyone know or have any place they know?
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Sep 29 11
Scania Bow Master
My friend went to Pig Beach, the one with blue ribbon pigs. She got a pretty lot there.
Sep 29 11
ElNido Aran 4
Any more suggestions?
Sep 29 11
Broa Marauder
Kerning square vending machines, for every vending machine you kill 6 or so monsters pop up. And there are around 5 vending machines on each platform with a pretty decent spawn.
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Sep 29 11
Scania Blade Recruit
he just got lucky there cuz i was there today and hardly 1 in 10 mins
OT:the place i got the most was blue dragon turtles but might have been luck or watelse
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