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BasilVersary 6: Event Info w/ Clay's Texts for Tablets/Phones

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DrHye Level 90 Windia Marauder
There have been a huge amount of threads with questions about the event that Basil's having, so I made a compilation of everything you need to know about [url=]BasilVersary #6[/url]. If your thread asks a question that can be answered here, you will be redirected to this thread.

It would be appreciated if people could post each new text in a comment if I haven't updated yet. I know a few have done this already, so keep it up.

You can read MrBasil's updates on [url=]his thread[/url].

Note: All of this info is basically accessible from somewhere on the site (mainly the first link above). This thread is basically a shortened version of everything you need to know (having taken out the story line and other parts of it).

MAJOR NOTE: If your account is less than 3 months old, you cannot participate (and in turn, you cannot see the Clay's Texts tab). This is to ensure that people will not make multiple accounts to increase their chances of winning NX.

MAJOR NOTE: ATTENTION EMS PLAYERS. MrBasil does not have access to game cards for EMS, therefore could not include you guys in the event. You may still play through it for fun, but there will be no chance of getting NX. Sorry

Day-by-Day Hints, AKA Clay's Texts

For all you phone/tablet users who can't access the BIM bar, here ya go.

Day 1: Meet me by Fangblade's hat.
Day 2: A noob's most favoritest weapon.
Day 3: All Basilers learn the rules eventually.
Day 4: All the kewel kids find friends here.
Day 5: A noob's most feared foe.
Day 6: Excuse me, but this is the best screen of all time!
Day 7: This band keeps nooby heads warm.
Day 8: Home sweet home.
Day 9: Mark of , wherefore art thou?
Day 10: Where to train and what skills to upgrade?
Day 11: This bean is so mean!
Day 12: Two gold blades make for a better kill.
Day 13: Here's where I keep my shiny medals.
Day 14: So many sparkling movies.
Day 15: The road to the mastery of magic begins here.
Day 16: Who shot those stinky bombs? Pewwwwwwy!
Day 17: Lets get sets
Day 18: He who dons a bloody cape...
Day 19: Poor Glimmer Man, Adonis and T-1337. Their forging skills in disuse.
Day 20: On my face rests a symbol of my blood.
Day 21: The Sphere of Time is seen by few.
Day 22: The master of the blade has skills most treacherous.
Day 23: With the heart of a lion I wear my cape into battle.
Day 24: He who wields the skill of tots and robots fears no one.
Day 25: Big Pink Cake!
Day 26: Yabber Yabber Doooooooo!
Day 27: All the precious items I desire...
Day 28: Do you dare to bare your hair?
Day 29: This is where all the new players are added.
Day 30: There's nothing magical about this hat, but it's still worthy of a star.
Day 31: Bomb!

How to Answer the Hints

Before anything else is said here, DO NOTask for hints. It will result in disqualification of you and your helper, or you and the help-ee.

The event works the same as last year. For you n00bz, it's pretty simple. Think of what page on the site that the hint refers to, then simply navigate through the site to get to that page. NOTE: You do NOT have to answer each hint on the day it's given. You can do them at anytime between their release and the due date, Oct. 31.

Example (this answer was given to everyone): "Meet me by Fangblade's hat." Most of us know that Fangblade's signature look includes the Jousting Helmet. Simply go through the items section on the site and get to the page for the Jousting Helmet. You'll receive a notification as a yellow bar on the top of the page, saying you've accomplished the task for the day.

Once you correctly solve a clue, it'll be crossed off on your list. The hint will have a line through it, making it clear that you're done with that hint.

You can check your progress on the bottom of [url=]this page[/url], under "The Magic Words," or just check the tab.

What to do at the End of the Event

When you solve the clue each day, the letter you receive will automatically be recorded here (at The Magic Words section). You must collect all 31 letters to be able to guess the magic words and send in your answer. The 'magic words' scramble has the words in the correct order, but the letters are all jumbled. So if the letters were "bials amkert," the answer would be 'basil' 'market'. The form to send in your answer will only appear on Oct 31 once you have collected all 31 letters.


- 45 x 10k NX codes - thanks to Nexon for these!
- 50 x 12k NX codes

Note: You must collect all the letters and solve the message to be entered into the drawing for the 95 codes.

Final Notes

- Some users are still seeing almost everything in color.
- There have been some complaints towards mods about their dislikes of this event. So, to clear the air, mods didn't have anything to do with this event. We didn't even know about it in advance.

Enjoy the event, good luck in the prize raffle!
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cool, thanks for the this, now maybe there will be less threads asking for the daily question
Oct 04 2011
Thanks for the first answer, I was having major trouble with it

Anyways, this thread will do nicely.
Oct 04 2011
Speed Level 151 Scania Night Lord
Just a question, do we unscramble the letters?
Oct 04 2011
Just a question, do we unscramble the letters?[/quote]

the 'magic words' scramble has the words in the correct order, but the letters are all jumbled. So if the letters were bials amkert the answer would be 'basil' 'market'. Easy, right?

It's under "Click here to read more." on the BasilVersary #6 page
Oct 04 2011
Speed Level 151 Scania Night Lord
@Hyperstep: Ah okay, thanks for clearing that up.
Oct 04 2011
iBlaster Level 200 Bera Xenon 4
oh, so that's why it's saying that the site is losing color :O basil is still as colorfull as ever for me
Oct 04 2011
PovertyShoez Level 200 Broa Blade Master
So is the prize 1 random code per person?
Oct 04 2011
DrHye Level 90 Windia Marauder
So is the prize 1 random code per person?[/quote]

There's 77 codes for the raffle, I'm assuming you can't win more than one. Not everyone gets one if that's what you mean
Oct 04 2011
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