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Quick way to raise your Charm

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firedannyX Level 204 Scania Aran 4
as you know, nexon is doing the 99nx sale
for those who has lots of NX to spare, MASS BUY the 7 day nx violin and equip it
each time you equip it you can get 60 charm exp
~just wanted to share this news ^___^
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achyif Level 172 Windia Night Lord
Yeah but if you were to get the daily limit 5000/60 = around 85 items which is about 8.5k nx and in addition, it takes only 20 days of max charm to level charm to 100 which is 8.5*20=170$ worth of nx..... O_o
assuming you have lvl 0 charm
Oct 07 2011
New Screen: And your premium style box gave you...
Why would u want to max it, you would only go to 30 for the pocket slot.
Oct 07 2011
Or... you could do it without NX if you have patience and just buy a lot of Spiegelmann Mustaches. 100 Ambition and Charm EXP for each one.
Oct 07 2011
SombraManx Level 204 Zenith Dark Knight
LOL nice one! i got like 400 nx (leftovers FTW) i will get 4 violins ^^ thats like 240 charm exp yay
Oct 07 2011
achyif Level 172 Windia Night Lord
Btw to get to lvl 30 charm from lvl 0 you need about 9,600 charm total, about 160 instruments I think?
To level charm you need about 20*(level your trait is currently on) in order to get to the next level
Oct 07 2011
For people that think this is stupid, you're completely wrong. This is the FASTEST way yet. Yes it does require NX which requires funding or real money, but its the fastest.
TS posted this to establish this is the QUICKEST way, but may not be the most efficient way, especially for unfunded players.
Oct 07 2011
Wait I'm confused. People told me 500 was the max for a trait you can have in a day. Now it's 5000?
Oct 07 2011
steven7x23 Level 158 Bera Marksman
Wait I'm confused. People told me 500 was the max for a trait you can have in a day. Now it's 5000? [/quote]
only for charm dude
look it up man
Oct 07 2011
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