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Changing androids hair

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how do i change an android's hair?
also, if i were to buy Crow's nx package with the hair coupon, will i be able to use Crow's hair coupon on my android?
Posted: October 2011 Permalink


ah.....well that sucks...
Oct 07 2011
You can change your android's hair at Hene Hair Salon, with a VIP coupon.[/quote]

What hairs can you choose from? Only VIP hairs available from Hene? D:
Oct 07 2011
GinSaan Level 148 Scania Blade Recruit
What hairs can you choose from? Only VIP hairs available from Hene? D:[/quote]

Theres hairs like darling diva and demolishing diva.. if I still had the heart for my android I would've listed all for you
Oct 07 2011
@ginsaan: Won't lie, I cringed at Darling Diva. Thanks for the notice though Is there a list of available hairs anywhere? I'm getting a Male Android while VIP coupons are on sale. D:
Oct 07 2011
i think i might buy Crow's nx package for the outfit then. Crow's hair coupon would unfortunately be unused forever since i don't see an expiration date. as i only wanted the coupon for the android's hair and not for myself.....
Oct 07 2011
jimmyjxia Level 123 Windia Hero
You can use royal hair coupons and royal eye coupons on Androids. You just have to use them by talking to the Android Salon lady.

You can't use any hair coupons. Also there shouldn't be any EXP hairs for androids since they should all be vip. (Which means you can't get evan. it's one of the only exceptions)
Oct 07 2011

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