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For fun Warrior Revamp Ideas.

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Oct 10 11
Bellocan Hero
Edit: I now have edited the page to be easier to read.
Also, for the skills, some numbers will be off. This is because I'd like them to be rated on concept more than balance. If people like the concepts, I could easily balance it all out.

I starting thinking that there might be another revamp soon after reading this:
My bet is going to be that nexon's going to pretend to be generous and revamp them all.

Even though I'm sick of revamps (they just do them too often), I just was bored and thought of some changes that might work out well for the warrior classes. This is just for fun. Nothing official obviously.

As a disclaimer, this is only a list of some of my ideas for the warrior class. Its all just for fun. Nothing official.

1) New Armor - Gauntlet
A heavy glove used to assist attacking with heavy weaponery. Gauntlets will use the shield slot whenever a two handed weapon is used. These are intended to be difficult to wield (high base dex requirement) and are intended to only be used after a lengthy quest is completed to allow you to use them. It is also intended for only chaos scrolls to be used on them.

Gauntlets: Generic Gauntlet
Gauntlet - Warrior
Req Level: 100
Req Dex: 100
STR: +2
HP: +25
WDEF: +20
Weapon Attack: +1
Equip tradeblock
1 slot

Reverse Gauntlet
Gauntlet - Warrior
Req Level: 120
Req Dex: 120
STR: +4
DEX: +2
HP: +25
WDEF: +45
Weapon Attack: +3
Equip tradeblock
3 slots

Deimos Gauntlet
Gauntlet - Warrior
Req Level: 130
Req Dex: 130
STR: +6
DEX: +4
HP: +50
WDEF: +60
Weapon Attack: +3
Equip tradeblock
4 slots

Lionheart Gauntlet
Gauntlet - All Classes
Req Level: 140
Req Dex: 170
STR: +12
DEX: +10
HP: +200
WDEF: +200
Weapon Attack: +5
Equip tradeblock
Platinum Scissors of Karma
5 slots
2) Skill revamps.

Removed Skills: Iron Body

New Skills:
Iron Will: Max Level: 20, MP Cost: 24, Weapon DEF: +300, Magic DEF: +200, Duration: 240 sec

Changed Skills:
HP Boost: +30% HP (formerly 20%)

Changed Skills:
Rage now stacks with other buffs.
Final Attack: Now Charges orbs.
Removed Skills: Shout

New Skills:
Rush is moved to 3rd job.

Changed Skills:
Coma now hits twice for 310% damage and stuns bosses* for 2 seconds. Bosses can only be stunned once every 20 seconds (think of how Magic Crash works post legend).
Panic now hits thrice for 340% damage.

Magic Crash: Named changed to Frigid Lockdown, Freezes monsters for 6 seconds (bosses for 3) and inflicts 100% DoT for 20 Seconds. Bosses can only be affected by a "magic crash" skill once per 40 seconds, including the freezing effect.

Removed Skills: Rush

Changed Skills:
Combat Mastery now increases the effectiveness of Chance Attack by 5% (30% total)
Monster Magnet: Now called Provoke. Same as before but now decreases a monster's defense by 20% for 10 seconds.

New Skills:
Sword Dance: Delay 1320ms. 200 MP and 10 combo orbs are used to deal 250%x8 damage on 1 enemy. Cooldown: 30 sec. Passive Effect: Panic and Coma Damage +25%

Changed Skills:
Threaten now has a 100% success rate.

White Knight:
Removed Skills: Shield Mastery (Its not combined with Guardian and buffed to 300%)

Changed skills:
Magic Crash now locks monsters and boss' special skills for 5 seconds.
All Charges: Duration at level 1 increased to 105 seconds, but the max duration remains at 200 seconds.
Fire Charge: Now has DoT, 100% every second for 5 seconds.

New Skills:
Rush is moved to 3rd job.
Removed Skills: Rush

Changed Skills:
Holy Charge: Now causes DOT, 110% per second for 5 seconds.
Divine Shield: When a nearby party member would die from an attack and have more than 1 hp, they are left with 1 hp instead of dying.
Guardian: Nearby party members take 20% less damage. +300% defense when wielding a shield.

New Skills:
Elemental Mastery: Max level 30, Increases damage of all charges by 10%, increases the elemental advantage by 25% (175% damage) and decreases the elemental disadvantage by 50% (you do 100% damage on resistant foes).
Removed Skills: Iron Will

New Skills:
Dragon Skin: Max level 20. -40% damage taken (20% against bosses), reflects 100% damage and stun the monster that attacked you for 3 seconds.
Dragon Knight:
Removed Skills: Dragon Strength.

Changed Skills:
Dragon Wisdom now provides 60 str (stackable).
Sacrifice now does 3 hits of 230% damage.
Magic Crash is now called Dragon Crash and lowers the target monster's WAtt and WDef for 20 seconds.

New Skills:
Rush is moved to 3rd job.
Dark Knight:
Removed Skills: Rush

Changed Skills:
Revenge of the Beholder now attacks every 5 seconds, provided you have taken damage within the last 5 seconds.
Monster Magnet: Now called gravitate. Pulls 6 monsters in front of you. Passive effect: All monsters near you (except bosses) take 100% damage per second.

New Skills:
Dark Aura: Max Level 30, HP Cost of Sacrifice -5%, Every Hit of Sacrifice increases sacrifice's damage by 10% and 1% more HP is required per attack up to 5 times. After the 5th attack, this affect is reset.
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Oct 10 11
DemethosEMS Dark Knight
Oct 10 11
Scania Dark Knight
If only...
Why not make the new skills replace Power Stance and drop PS down to 3rd job while you're at it =P
Oct 10 11*
Khaini Warrior
Ew. No like. And lol @ dark aura.

Dragon Scales? =/

Omg you stole our IW.

Why is Dragon Skin on 2nd job? =/

But for the fact that you made a revamp for fun, I like you.
Oct 10 11
Scania Hero
I understand this is just a whole "my idea" thread and all but...

Removed Skills: Shout

I stopped reading here. I'd probably quit my Hero entirely if Shout was removed.
Oct 10 11
Windia Paladin
i am a paladin and my bro is a hero and i agree with these hypothetical changes
except maybe that shout removal

also i believe rush should be in 2nd job because of 'em newer classes having push/pull skills (and other mobility) much earlier than warriors
power stance could be in 3rd job too
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Oct 10 11
Bera Shadower
Needs a FlashJump skill. Makes Nightlords furious.
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Oct 10 11
Scania Demon Slayer 4
what i really want is them to change advanced combos colour. I would like it to be like drks where when you a lvl150+ you change colour. maybe they can make it dark purple at 150, black at 180 and gold at 200 or someother colours. Just that pink is annoying
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Oct 10 11
Scania Dragon Knight
You clearly swayed your revamp toward Hero...
Hero: 9360%*
DS: 6563%*
Paladin: 4228%*
DrK: 2484%*

The Sword Dance skill would work if it was 250%x4. In my opinion a good revamp would make all three the best at a particular field they specialize in. ex:
Hero: Fastest movement, best 1v1 dmg.
Paladin: Slowest movement, best 1v1 and mobbing only on elementally weak mobs, best supportive, highest survival.
DrK: Longest range, best mobbing damage.

I like some of your ideas like dark aura, rush, rage, final attack charges orbs, beholder, and elemental mastery. I do wonder why the Hero has the power to freeze things as a non-elemental warrior, and why divine charge would have DoT.
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Oct 10 11
Bera Dark Knight
Make dragon skin to act like achilles and that will be much better
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