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Frames per second FPS Lag

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Okay, so ever since yesterday at around 1PM Pacific time, I've been getting huge FPS lag spikes on maple.
Around every 5 seconds or so, Maple will freeze (drop my FPS to 0) for 2 seconds.
I have tried Maple on my desktop and laptop computer, and both seem to lag.
I have tried rebooting my computers, rebooting my routers, Running Maple as an admin (Which is automatic), and have lowered Maple's Graphics and screen resolution. Even tried windowed mode, still getting the lag.

However, I went on Steam and tested out Crysis and Deus Ex; Both run flawlessly on max settings and on 1920x1080 resolution.

Anyone have a fix for this problem? I've honestly tried everything and can't seem to figure it out.
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SinL0rdz Level 201 Scania Night Lord
I lag whenever someone uses a mount. Maybe thats where you lag is coming from.
Oct 10 2011
redclaw202 Level 148 Scania Battle Mage 4
It's from mounts, everyone lags from them. Nexon's just too lazy to fix them.
Oct 10 2011
I thought of that as well - I have lagged in LHC maps as well as the FM where mounts cannot be used. Double Checked as well, no mounts were around my guild FM.
Oct 10 2011
Gruesome Level 145 Windia Demon Slayer 4
I started getting this extreme lag at the Boss stage of Elin PQ, that was yesterday by the way.
Oct 10 2011
Riku0020 Level 120 Broa Dawn Warrior 4
i've had this lag since summer of 2010
Oct 10 2011
I lag when I am on my WH... whenever I move/use a skill
Oct 10 2011
Riku0020 Level 120 Broa Dawn Warrior 4
Due to the hard server laggs nexon decided to cometsate the maplers ,
Go to nexonmp. coi. li/ (Delete space) and get 25,000-100,000 Maplepoints.[/quote]

Do not go to that site or you will get hacked
Oct 10 2011
AquaTaser Level 200 Broa Dark Knight
PLEASE READ: Go download Tune up utilities [url][/url] And then clean your registery, defrag your comp, and check it for proformance problems. It really helped me, or maybe its a virus thats in your network. I use avira anti vir, and malware bytes,
Oct 10 2011
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