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Oct 11 11
Renegades Shadower
Hello all. Ever since I've downloaded Maplestory on my Windows 7, it has been really laggy whenever I enter rather medium sized maps. Smaller maps are fine, but the game is close to unplayable when I enter huge maps, such as major towns. It has never happened when I had Windows XP, and I have very little installed on my current computer. If it helps Maplestory usually takes about 300,000 K memory as seen in my processes tab. Can anyone help?

EDIT: Maplestory hasn't been lagging since yesterday. Instead, it has been lagging since 2 days prior to the Ascension patch. I do not have pot lag, so I can survive, but I cannot hop onto ladders and such since I see very little frames.
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Oct 11 11
Windia Wild Hunter 3
It's sorta happening all around.

I have Windows 7 and I used to never lag on maplestory but now I do. Not sure why, but a lot of people are complaining about it. So my guess is that it must be something to do with Nexon. Also I'm on Zenith which isn't very populated, so I shouldn't be lagging at all really.
Oct 11 11
Windia Night Lord
Its Nexons Servers probably
Oct 11 11
Renegades Shadower
Ahh okay, I hope it is. Can't really train much in big maps now.
Oct 11 11
Scania Paladin
it started happening since yesterdays crashes
Oct 11 11
Renegades Shadower
KostyaHeals: it started happening since yesterdays crashes

Maplestory has been lagging for me since 2 days before ascension, which is when I downloaded Maplestory on my computer. I think mine may be from a different cause?
Oct 11 11
Windia Fighter
this happen to me now i was in MP(monster park) and I wasnt laggin but I couldnt attack Then D/c saying i was loged in already
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Oct 11 11
Scania Hero
It's nexon i died twice today due to this problem -.-
Oct 11 11
Renegades Shadower
Thank you!
Oct 11 11
Scania Kaiser 4
i keep lagging out
once i was lagging out in PvP and i kept the 20% attack buff outside
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