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can you get royal hair cuts from the Special Beauty Coupon

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Oct 13 11
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Oct 13 11
you can get ex royal haircuts, like mine.
Oct 13 11
Windia Mechanic 3
mikesyun123: You can get ANY haircut ever released in maple. It's been confirmed.

do you have proof of anyone getting a current royal hair from these coupons?
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Oct 13 11
Bellocan Aran 4
no. post2short
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Oct 13 11
Scania Phantom 4
You can get old royal haircuts such as evan and alex
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Oct 13 11
You can get old Royal Haircuts like mine. If you'd be able to get new one's id have bedhead already
Oct 13 11
Windia Shadower
You can get ex royal hairs, but you can't get the summer royal hairs.
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Oct 13 11
You may not obtain any current/most recent royal hairs.
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Oct 13 11
so can u get Bed Head or sun bleached (male haircuts)
Oct 13 11*
Stop calling them old royal hairs; that just leads to confusion. There are some hairs that's EXP, but used to be royal. Those hairs you could get because they are now EXP. So NO you can't get any of the CURRENT royal hairs from the coupons. In other words, you cannot get bedhead or sun bleached because they are still royal.
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