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Oct 17 11
Bellocan Page
I really don't have any friends or guild members that would want to buy nx, and I want some mesos. The fact is, I don't really know how to sell nx. Whenever I spam it in the fm, I either get idiots or smarties that won't do business with me. It's common sense, there's no way you should just trust the other person to hold up their end of the deal, yet, I hear of people selling nx to the general public all the time. How do they do it?
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Oct 17 11
Windia Phantom 4
You should just buy 10att WGs in the MTS and sell em.
It's the safest way, as long as you watch out for hammer'd ones.
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Oct 17 11
Bera Bishop
FalseLove: pray to god u make some friends.

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Oct 17 11
Broa Hermit
It's pretty tough. I mean, the majority of the population just sells to people they trust. Go make some friends and join a well known guild.
Oct 17 11
Windia Night Lord
friends/guildies, vouchers (idk about that trustworthiness), or collateral via mts (thought you might as well sell stuff you buy from mts)
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Oct 17 11
Khaini Mercedes 4
tell them to give mesos first, if they dont then find someone else
or make some friends =o
Oct 17 11
Scania Night Lord
Teaing: You don't look like you have nx and you don't look legit. Just MTS 10 atks and sell them with a store permit. That's around a 1:70 rate.

This. Dont sell NX unless its clear to other people that you have nx.
Oct 17 11
Chaos Mechanic 3
Just like some of the above said, you might want to look like you have NX.
Make some friends, bro.
Oct 17 11
Scania Marksman
I sell nx (:, legitly too, i also sell half and half teh 1st purchase but if it sa familiar face i gift 1st, and it looks like i have nx lol
Oct 17 11
Scania Blaze Wizard 1
I haven't sold nx since they first allowed gifting again, which was probably around 2007/2008?, but first you want to look like you have nx. So get hair and face and an outfit. It doesn't have to look super nice, just something to show you have nx. Then sell to trustworthy friends/guildmates. If you're selling to strangers, you may want to do the whole "They give half of the money, you gift them the nx, and then they give the rest of the money". This way, even if they do scam you, at least you get half the money.
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