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plese help - how to get lvl 30 charm

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Oct 17 11
Bera Paladin
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Oct 17 11
Chaos Hermit
-the potions that give charm (sorry don't remember which)

charm is one of the hardest to level. it's my lowest out of the 6
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Oct 17 11
Mardia Dawn Warrior 2
make a mercedes when they come out..
Oct 17 11
Bera Paladin
how many does fame give?
Oct 17 11
Scania Blade Recruit
-cologne from monster park gives 10 or 100
-fame gives 1
- kent a PQ gives 26, orbis 30
Oct 17 11*
Bera Blade Master
Kenta PQ gives 26 charm per PQ and Orbis PQ gives 20 per PQ, doing both of them to the maximum limit of 10 times a day for 460 charm a day will take you exactly 24 days to get from lvl 0 to lvl 30 charm

MaximumBladz: cologne from Monster Park gives 5 charm, other cologne gives 100, Orbis PQ is 20, not 30
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Oct 17 11*
Broa Dark Knight
the monster park items gives only 5.

I'd say do kenta PQ and orbis PQ 10 times a day each. That's good enough for 460 fame a day. Perhaps ask buddies to trade fames monthly with all chars so you can get an extra boost. Other than that, the spiegelmann mustache is good for 100 fame and ambition, which the part with fame sounds good enough for me to waste 50 coins for it. =)
Oct 17 11
Broa Night Lord
Yeah i highly suggest Kenta. But you can just look up items that give you charm when you wear them. For example the moustache you get from the monster park. Just look around for items that give you charm and farm those. Otherwise do some kenta
Oct 17 11
Bera Night Lord
When those violins were 99nx each, I bought like 100 of them to lvl my charm xD
I'm at lvl 32 charm I think my 2nd highest. I got it purely by being an nx hoe and getting fame
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Oct 17 11
Bera Sniper
Changing your hair / eyes / skin colour / eye colour / hair colour will also instantly provide your character with 100 charm i think.
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