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. I sometimes try to get even rather than forgive and forget

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Chema Level 97 Windia Priest
Right now I'm doing a research on personality disorders and relationships

And today I stumbled on the following text:

LD Limited Disclosure The LD scale measures the tendency to minimize disclosure of socially undesirable behavior. The items are behaviors and emotions that are slightly undesirable but true of most people, such as, "I sometimes try to get even rather than forgive and forget." The LD scale is based on the short form of the Crowne-Marlowe (Crowne & Marlowe, 1960) social desirability developed by Reynolds (Reynolds, 1982). Author: Straus.

What does "I sometimes try to get even rather than forgive and forget" means?
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Super brain teaser....
Oct 27 2011
exjoolie Level 205 Windia Kanna 4
I want revenge rather than letting it go
Oct 27 2011
battleox288 Level 210 Scania Mechanic 4
i think it means, say someone does something bad to you. Instead of forgiving and forgetting, you try to get revenge
Oct 27 2011
Chema Level 97 Windia Priest
Thanks a lot
English is sure the Frankenstein of languages. o_o
Oct 27 2011
You try to give yourself justice instead of forgiving and forgetting
Oct 27 2011
XronellX Level 139 Scania Night Lord
I like green apple flavor.
Oct 27 2011

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