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MapleStory Magic Gach Wheel Fail
MapleStory Forums : General MapleStory : General MS questions and answers
Oct 28 11
Windia Night Lord
The Gach wheel is a great idea, i have no idea if they are keeping it forever (you think they would because they made the screen and the Hotkey just for it but idk)

But anyway When u Find some Red Wheel's your able to Spin this Gach Wheel and u get Various Crappy Items like Random Monster Ect, a single red potion (UNTRADBLE TOO) LOL and other various Stuff.

But when you read the Red Wheel you get from Monsters it says you can receive BASIC items from this, so this leads me to believe they'll add more Colors of wheels or something.

But there is a huge Flaw to the Wheel, once you get a Red Wheel piece you get a new Quest from the admin, so she tells you that if you Find this Scroll while spinning the Wheel she'll give you a prize.

So i did this and i've turned in 2 of these Scrolls BUT ALL I GOT WAS 220K EXP, and the Admin Said to check the Cash shop for the Prize and nothing is There

Here is a Screen Shot of what the Quest Looks like JUST BEFORE you turn the Quest in


You'll notice in the picture as soon as you click next or Enter she takes the Scroll from you ( the one that i Circled)

Then she says Check the CS but there is nothing there so it's like a Broken Quest, it's such fail.

SO i really REALLY want to know what you Would get From this Quest, anyway i wanted to post this so you guys would Hold onto your scrolls or w.e until this get fixed IF EVER LOL, but idk it doesn't really matter i bet it's just like one of those new echo smegas or something lol.

But anyway, another thing i noticed about the magic wheel is when you look on the VERY top of the Screen with it on it, it has a little Circle with some Notches in it, but when you place a Red Wheel a super small Circle pop's up on the FAR RIGHT, so this leads me to believe there will be more Wheel's on the Other Notches.

Anyway I hope they improve the Wheel it's a great idea but it needs to Drop as often as beauty coupons at least, because the drop sucks =/

Discuss !
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Oct 28 11
Scania Kaiser 4
i got Manon Tails 2 times in a row... wow, not like anything else in the wheel was better, just potions and fail defence recipes
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Oct 28 11
Scania Bow Master
What great rewards!
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Oct 28 11
Windia Night Lord
Lol the best thing i maybe got was a Boost luk potion that gives like + 40 luk for 1 hour or something >!
New MapleStory Screen: Hard Hitting Damage Skin New MapleStory Video: Maplestory madman ranmaru solo
Oct 28 11
Broa Battle Mage 3
I got a lv103 etc item, 1 warrior pill, 1 blue potion, and a green mushroom cap.
Oct 28 11
Nova Bishop
I got a single elixir! Win!
Oct 28 11
Windia Aran 4
10.27.2011 11.22.2011
Oct 28 11
Bellocan I/L Arch Mage
above awww no way ! i thought this was gonna be perm
Oct 28 11
Windia Night Lord
siuttybears: 10.27.2011 11.22.2011

Yeah i know i saw this, but why would they go threw all the Trouble to make a hotkey for it and a screen for it, i mean we're talking about Nexon here, it's been 2 years and still they haven't fixed HT so ya
New MapleStory Screen: Hard Hitting Damage Skin New MapleStory Video: Maplestory madman ranmaru solo
Oct 28 11
Zenith Night Lord
I wish my computer worked so I can try this out
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