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Familiar Vitality Glitch Source FOUND

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For those unaware, there is a glitch which can cause Familiars to stop recovering vitality while dismissed (and you can't summon them unless their vitality is at full).

So, I've been victim to it, as well as many others, and I've found the cause after hours of doing random things, and then waiting to see if my familiars recover their vitality.

Entering the Cash Shop with a familiar that DOES NOT HAVE MAX VITALITY will cause the familiar to be dismissed and no longer recover it's vitality. If the familiar has max vitality, you can simply summon it again normally.
-The only thing I've found that fixes this, is collecting another familiar card to level up the glitched familiar (which restores vitality to max, allowing the familiar to be summoned again). I don't know if this works for max level familiars, if someone has info about it, it'd be appreciated. I hypothesized that having a Cynical Orange

While changing channels DOES dismiss your familiar (something the patch notes says SHOULD NOT HAPPEN), it does NOT ALWAYS cause this glitch. It's been reported to me a number of times that the glitch has happened when CCing, but I've tested it, and had the glitch not occur. In fact, it seems that sometimes when I change channels, the familiar I had summoned actually REGAINS all of it's vitality. However, I've seen enough weird stuff this patch that it might cause it sometimes? I don't know, Nexon needs to do better bug fixing.

Anyways, the BEST way to avoid this glitch 100% of the time is to DISMISS YOUR FAMILIARS BEFORE CHANGING CHANNELS (just to be safe) OR ENTERING THE CASH SHOP OR LOGGING OFF, you may have to wait a few minutes before resummoning them, but that's better than not being able to resummon them at all.

EDIT: Seems I didn't mention exactly how to dismiss your familiar. Open up your Familiar tab in the crusader codex, and double click the icon below "Active Familiar". You'll know if you're clicking the right spot when the Familiar Card description pops up by your mouse.
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Y'all should go mass ticket the Nexon support page about this so it gets fixed as soon as possible, because it's highly inconvenient, and potentially makes a familiar you bought from the Cash Shop unusable. And anyone who's messed about with familiars will know that they're WICKED AWESOME COOL MAD BRO, especially the Jr. Wraith.
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RolyPolyJoey Level 147 Mardia Buccaneer
Thanks for this! I was sad wondering if I had to keep recollecting the card to use my familiar.
Oct 29 2011
yeah I was like the hell yo why can't i summon my wraith man this stuff is wack.

but then you came in and you were all like YO IT DOESN'T WORK WHEN YOU CC OR CS SO DON'T CC OR CS[/quote]

CCing DOESN'T seem to cause the glitch. However, just to be safe, I'd advise dismissing your familiar first.
Oct 29 2011
pikalachu Level 221 Scania Battle Mage 4 See what games, anime & art pikalachu is intopikalachu
when i cc, nothing happening to my jr. wraith familiar, he just dismiss on his own and i have to summon him again. same thing happen when i enter fm.
the only thing tho is that nx has to fix the familiar so they can recover thei vitality, coz they did say on the site that it takes around 10 mins for a familiar to hit max vitality again, and as far as i know, my mushie familiar aint recovering at all.
but maybe they gonna fix this in the next server check, you never know
Oct 29 2011
XronellX Level 139 Scania Night Lord
how do u dissmiss ur familiar?
Oct 29 2011
It won't let you summon your familiar again if you log-off without dismissing it. Just saying(:[/quote]

I just tested that, and my non-intentionally glitched familiars (let me tell you, I messed up almost all my familiars on my priest to figure this out for sure) still summoned just fine. As a matter of fact, it regained the vitality it had used up after I logged off.

@XronellX: Open the Crusader Codex, go to the Familiar page, and double click the big Icon beneath the "Active Familiar" label.
Oct 29 2011
Now to hunt for another card because I seriously want to be able to use the familiar I spent hours hunting (I have the worst drop rates) =_=

Btw, a familiar with max circle things will still regain max vitality if you use another card [did it on my snail]
Oct 30 2011
CCing DOESN'T seem to cause the glitch. However, just to be safe, I'd advise dismissing your familiar first.[/quote]

I cced and my familiar got glitched..
Oct 30 2011
@helen96184: I've heard about that. Seems it also increases the expiration time of the familiar, but that's not completely relevant to this thread.

@breadcrumbz: I've updated the thread to reflect that CCing may cause it. Lots of people have said to me CCing will cause it, although I personally haven't experienced it (I've tried, quite a few times actually). Anyways, there's definitely something more to this glitch than simply saying that CCing, logging off, or Cash Shop ALWAYS cause it.
Oct 30 2011
thechingsta Level 97 Scania Ranger
i got the jack o latern familar from the pumpkin box and ill never get it again -.-
Nov 01 2011
Gaelani Level 171 Khaini I/L Arch Mage
When I rode my airplane, the glitch happened with my red snail. It was dismissed and now cannot be summoned bc it is not regaining vitality.
Nov 01 2011

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