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skill build for cleric,priest,bishop

MapleStory Forums : Bishop : Talk about the Cleric, Priest and Bishop classes

Oct 30 11
yello...ummm when i last played maplestory there was new skills and stuff and so i was getting nx and now i need the new skill build chaos post....can anyone of you help me out?
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Oct 30 11
Windia Bishop
Nov 02 11
thanks but i need more information with bishop cause he diddnt finish..
Nov 02 11*
Bera Bishop
kenson: thanks but i need more information with bishop cause he diddnt finish..

there's no correct build in 4th job

the builds are based on ur lvl of funding (mastery books etc) and what you plan to do with ur character (bossing? training? pvp? hybrid? party oriented? attacking oriented? )

there is sadly no clear cut build for 4th job because the bishop class is so versatile and can be used in many different ways
for example: i found arcane aim more useful then MW cause i usually train with peoples who already have MW level 20 or MW maxed and i can't afford the mastery books :0

i believe there is a 4th job skill build made by Dongha0216 on my skill outline if that helps
MapleStory Video: Level 107 evan training in leafre
Nov 03 11*
good luck :o
MapleStory Screen: Zenith chaos zakum
Nov 05 11
wll thanks

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