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Canoneer can be UA or not?

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ArchonSwift Level 148 Mardia Shadower
well i want the REAL answer.. people keep tell me they are not sure...

can they be Ultimate adventurer?
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ArchonSwift Level 148 Mardia Shadower
only sharkwawe -,-? but that suck... idk what Ua to creat now then -.-
Nov 09 2011
Kirenisa Level 220 Scania Bishop
Dual Bladers are not the Thief Legend, they're just a separate kind of Explorer.

And no, Cannoneers cannot be a legitimate UA.[/quote] Basically this right here.. besides dude if you don't believe us look it up Dual blades ARE adventures it even was said during their release..
Nov 09 2011
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As mentioned before, Cannoneers are **not** available at UA's.
However, since they are part of the Adventurer family, they can obtain their Cygnus skill, which in this case, would be Sharkwave.[/quote]
I second this. BTW, you should have made this a poll
Nov 09 2011
Kirenisa Level 220 Scania Bishop
@iShottedSnow: I'm sure he is referring to legit ones... Legitly you can't.
Nov 09 2011
JazzC87 Level 209 Broa I/L Arch Mage
Dual blade Are consider in the LEgend Part

When you are a thief you are explorer then when you reech Dual blade Requirement you are a legend
sorry to told you thats[/quote]
Dual blades are the 3rd class that an explorer theif can advance to. There's Bandits, Assassins, then there's Dual blades.
Dual blades are explorers. NOT Legends. I don't really know why they can't be made into UA/UE's.
Also, back on topic here, I think hackers found cannoneers in the database, so they were able to make an exploit based off what they found I guess. I don't really know. If someone wants to fill me in on it, I'd appreciate it.
Nov 09 2011
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ArchonSwift Level 148 Mardia Shadower
Anny suegestion on Wish UA make then? i dont want a warior or a thief lol
Nov 09 2011
qcardes Level 122 Scania Hero
i want a 100% sure Answer

Actually, you'll notice, Idk, about Mercedes, but Aran and Evan, both being legends, their actual NAMES are Aran and Evan in their storyline. DBs are NOT called Dual-Blade as a name, rather, that's their class. Also, when you make a DB, it says "Explorer: Dual Blade". It also has a green background that is the same as the Explorer screen, whereas the 2 current Legend classes, Aran and Evan both have orange. I don't know if you're trolling, but you're probably not.
OT: No. Cannoneers are Explorers, similar to DBs. Let's just call them Special Explorer Class: Pirate Version, and we'll call DBs Special Explorer Class: Thief Version. If you could make a DB / Cannoneer UE, they would actually be called "USE" seeing as they're Special Explorers.
Nov 09 2011
dc829 Level 137 Windia Bow Master
Dualblade/Cannoneer are both SEMI-ADVENTURERS meaning they are classified as adventurers but do not get all the benefits such as UA Creation and some Explorer events
Nov 09 2011
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