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Nov 12 11
Windia Paladin
I've been having a tough time hunting for them.. It's probably because i have no patience..
So please post up the familiars you got and how long it took to get each of em.
Thank you!
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Nov 12 11
Broa Kaiser 4
Dark Wyverns for 90 minutes straight and I found nothing.
Nov 12 11
Windia Aran 4
NexonAM noted that cards level 70+ will still take some time to get.
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Nov 12 11
Scania Corsair
3moRaccoon: Yeah, my Boogie heals me 750 MP every ten or so seconds. It's in uncommon tab, so yeah...
Nov 12 11
Windia Bishop
Jr. Wraith 1 sec
Transformed doll game 10 mins
Nov 12 11
Broa Mercedes 4
Anything low lvl in vic...
</3 Snack Bar
GL getting PQ bosses btw.
Nov 12 11
Scania Aran 4
n0sXPIE: Dark Wyverns for 90 minutes straight and I found nothing.

Does Dark Wyvern drop card?
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Nov 12 11
Galicia Hero
I think I'm going to go for Pap I'll just hunt him twice a day until I get him and the same goes for the bodygaurds I guess
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Nov 12 11
Bera Bow Master
I got a Crocky (from lhc)
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Nov 12 11*
Broa Marauder
Beetle-around 5min

Large stone goblin (not sure if thats the exact name)- 5min

Both by accident

edit: Just got a leprchaun card which took over an hour, also by accident.
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Nov 12 11
Mardia Battle Mage 4
I just got a lycanthrope card.Does anyone know how to use the "soul weapon"?
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