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Nov 16 11
Scania Evan 9th Growth
I pay'd the 50m and got the item. Now what do i do with it plz help
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Nov 16 11
Broa Marksman
Now you go to the Dragon Rider PQ place and talk to the guy there. He'll give you the skill to fly on mounts.
Nov 16 11
Windia Paladin
Get a flying mount.
Could be either of these:
Draco (Isnt fixed yet) (Get Lv 200)
Shinso (Isnt fixed yet) (Get a Lv 120 Cygnus)
Mir (Isnt fixed yet) (Get a 5th stage Evan)
Hot Air balloon (NX or Mount gach)
Balrog. (Mount gach)
Invisible Balrog. (Mount gach)
Pegasus. (Mount gach)
Witch Broom. (Mount gach (events?))
Cloud mount. (Mount gach)
Helicopter (Cash shop)
Nightmare (Mount gachapon (NOT The 6 day version from the event))
Dragon (Mount gach) (Extremely rare)
Fly High (Mount gach)
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