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how to get peridots

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Hey basilers how do you get peridots fast, cause i been hunting for like 2hrs and a half and i only got 2 peridots. how can i get them way faster. thanks in advance
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AlexJrNoob Level 140 Broa F/P Arch Mage
thats very fast.
Nov 22 2011
big spider familair card + mapler ring + 1.2x drop = WIN
Nov 22 2011
fighter4556 Level 201 Bera Zero Transcendent
wait for teh 8 hour 2x drop glad i can help
Nov 22 2011
Andrez Level 201 Demethos Paladin
2 hrs 2 peridots? holy S that's fast. I took 4 days to get the 10.
Nov 22 2011
XxSuperMoFoxX Level 171 Scania Mercedes 4
lol took meh 5 hours with 2x/family
just wait til 2x i think theres one planned for this weekend
if not then just hunt and hunt and hunt and hunt til you drop
Nov 22 2011
HAVE A CRY NOOB PEOPLE TAKE OVER 12 hours IT NORMALLY TAKES 12 hours anyways so stop crying or. quit.
Nov 22 2011
SheepPB Level 228 Broa Shadower Emcy Guild
I don't know why people are saying that's fast. That's slow to average in my opinion.
Anyways, if you could inform us what job you are and how fast you can kill harps/blood harps... That'd be helpful for us to be helpful.
I was a dexless thunderbreaker, and I got all my 10 peridots within 5 hours. I stayed at blood harps map only. Got 2-3 peridots, then changed channels, an collected 2-3 peridots again, and repeat. It may or may not raise the chances of the peridot drop rate by changing channels, but I think it may.
Nov 22 2011
I took 10 hours total, and about a week from start date to finish... >.<
Nov 22 2011
dang you guys have bad luck i found all 10 of mine is 3 1/2 hrs
Nov 22 2011
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