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Is Gachapon still worth it?

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Title says it all. Is buying gachapon tickets still worth it? if so, where should i go? :O
Posted: November


Nothing in the lines of Luck is worth what you pay. Sure, you can get nice things but that's only if you dont care wasting that much nx.
policomiLuvFati - Level 80
Nov 24 2011
it aint worth it so dont do it
Nov 24 2011
buy lottery tickets.
MetacafeDunast - Level 122
Nov 24 2011
I bought 2... got food ticket and newspaper hat
Nov 24 2011
NLC,Hene only places.
Then again, i failed NLC
CoordinationYourBladeIS - Level 43 Scania
Nov 24 2011
Its better to sell the nx... and if youre worried about getting scammed you just buy 10 att unhammered, uncrafted work gloves and sell them for mesos. Its the universal nx to meso item.
Nov 24 2011

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