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Nov 26 11
Scania Blade Recruit
Ok so I don't know about all you guys out there, but whenever I set up a shop, I always struggle with finding the right spot with the right amount of traffic. Some nights I will leave my shop at cc 1 FM 14 door and not sell anything, while the next night I will leave my shop with the exact same items at cc 1 FM 11 somewhere in the middle and sell tons of stuff. IMO, I expect FM 14 door to get a lot more potential buyers than the middle of FM 11 but this seems to be not the case. Another one of my favorite spots is FM 1 cc 1-5 (well I never get 1 or 2), and I always do decent there. So my question is what FM spots get the most traffic (excluding cc 1 FM 1-2 since its almost impossible to get spots there)? What is your favorite spot and where do you go to first when checking out shops in the FM?
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Nov 26 11
Bera Night Lord
every since they took out ALMOST all forms of mobility (except mounts, but you can only do it before you enter fm), i only browse henny fms and the first fm of every layer
Nov 26 11
Broa Shade 4
I like 3~5 and 13~15 the most in Broa.
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Nov 26 11
Broa F/P Arch Mage
ehh not many people go through the higher fm's. the only people i assume go through the higher cc are just the serious browsers looking for deals so those players are probably your main customer base. aside from that most other players just check probably the 1-12 before just cutting off there browse there. others just use the owl thing.

But this all goin by the Broa and Windia Fm so may be different for other Servers
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Nov 26 11
Bellocan Evan 8th Growth
Either fm 6 or fm 7-9 is usually what I do
Nov 26 11
Bellocan Hero
put ur shop in FM7 near to door ... is best place for sell (my exp)
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Nov 26 11
Scania Demon Avenger 4
I prefer 7~8. Ludi theme is nice~
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Nov 26 11
Bera Bow Master
Either Fm7 Ch 1 by the door (A lot of middle class maplers got here because bottom row is overpriced) or Fm18 Ch 1 (Nice scenery, best place to buy Czak/Empress/HTP). Not FM13 ch 1 because it's a boring place that is all a clump. I never visit the Perion FM's unless I'm desperate because it's so dull there.
Nov 26 11
Bera Bishop
FM 1 and 2 is hired merchants basically so IMO FM 3~5 and 7 r the best
Nov 26 11
Scania Mechanic 4
Ch1 FM1 Door.
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