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How exactly do Miracle and Premium Miracle Cubes work?

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All I basically know is that normal cubes make resets the revealed pots and has a chance of increasing the item's rank.

What I don't understand are the lines in the potentials? I'm not sure how these work. Like 3 Lines, 2 Lines and how Premium cubes affect them. For some reason I've always been under the impression that

Unique: 3 lines
Epic: 2 lines
Rare: 1 line

Can you guys clarify this?
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Miracle cubes reset the stats of a potential and Premium cubes have a 25% chance to make a 2L item a 3L item.
Nov 26 2011
beastydaevil Level 150 Windia Paladin
The number of lines has nothing to do with the potential ranking. You can have a 3L rare item. Once the pot is revealed for the 1st time, the # of lines stays unless a premium cube is used, as a premium cube has the chance to change the # of lines. I am unsure about miracles.
Nov 26 2011
The rarity of the item and the amount of lines it has are completely different.
Rare, Epic, and Unique items can have ether two or three lines
Using a regular miracle cube changes the stats of the lines, with a chance of changing the rarity level (like rare to epic or epic to unique), but cannot add a third line to a two lined item.
Premium miracle cubes also change the stats of the lines with a chance of changing the rarity level, but also have an added 25% chance of making a two lined item three lined. Some people think premium cubes also have an increased chance of increasing an item's rarity level, but I don't think that's been proven yet.

The rarity level effects how good the stats are on the item. The stats are also affected by the level requirement of the item.

For an example, with a level 75 or higher item:
Stats for a rare item could add a set amount of a certain stat, or like 3% of that certain stat.
An epic item can range from 3-6% added to a certain stat.
And a unique item can range from 6-9%.
Nov 26 2011
so we can use the premium cubes on a 2line unique and hope to come out to 3line? or is u can only use it on rares?[/quote]

Premium cubes can be used with any rarity level.
Nov 26 2011
You stated there was no such thing as 1 line. I proved your wrong, umad?[/quote]

the guy u quted was just tring to explain to the TS. you dont need to go findig a glich to prove you are right.

OT: Here is a good basil guide to potential
Nov 28 2011
@DoctorNetflix: Nah, not really, I just feel sorry for the person who has one, because it's a glitch. Hope Nexon fixes it soon!
Nov 28 2011
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