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Rising Sun Face Paint VS Other face accessories

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Nov 27 11
Broa Hero
What is better, damage-wise and funding-wise - Rising Sun Face Paint or a face accessory with good/decent potential?

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Nov 27 11
Broa Night Lord
Potential > Non-potential'd items
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Nov 27 11
Scania Blaze Wizard 4
Any face accessory with 3%+ of your main stat will most likely beat it unless you have the full rising sun set.
Nov 27 11
DemethosGMS Angelic Buster 4
I would think a tree branch nose (The lv 40 one) With pot would be better.

But, what do i know.
Nov 27 11
Bera Aran 4
A branch nose with %stat (depends on your level and how much %, but it's better pretty much all the time), would add more to your damage than Rising Sun Face Paint.
Level 40 branch nose is the only face accessory in the game that's better than the face paint though (because of potential and tradable)and it's extremely hard to find.
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Nov 27 11
Broa Hero
The Rising Sun Face Paint is about 1 Bil?

And I see a clean branch nose going for 1.5 bil in Basil -_-

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