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what is the best familiar card skill
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Nov 28 11
Bera Night Lord
pretty much what the tittle says, whats the best boost skill you can get from familiar cards?

i know that the big spider card gives a big boost in drop, but what els is good, or the best?

also what colors can you get from them? ive seen, red, black, and shadow, lol (yeah not really colors but red... but meh XP)
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Nov 28 11
Windia Evan 9th Growth
The Phantom Watch familiar boosts INT by a "large amount", which is great for mages. So, of course I like the boost. ^_^
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Nov 28 11
Bera Evan 10th Growth
For people who don't understand, by "best" you mean any card that boosts anything by a "large amount".
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Nov 28 11*
Khaini Night Lord
Depends what's most useful to you I guess. Most people don't think much of the damage they can do but it's pretty useful.

When it comes to training, if it's something you kill very quickly then your familiar's damage isn't all that useful so a stat boost is nice.
With bossing and just monsters with larger amounts of hp, it's more about your overall team damage in which case a monster familiar damaging with you can be pretty good.

As a noob, I'm using a level 112 blood-harp right now.
Its attack is 3 hits together. It hits multiple monsters at once (I think 6 max?) and the time between attacks isn't long.
For me, it does 30k per each attack on average. (10k per each individual hit)

In that time.. let's say I can attack 6 times since I'm using a claw and claw booster so the attacks are fast.
That would mean I'd be getting an extra 30k damage per 6 hits, or you could say an extra 5k damage per hit.
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Nov 28 11
Bera Night Lord
GazimoEnthra: For people who don't understand, by "best" you mean any card that boosts anything by a "large amount".

something like that i dont know much about them so thats why im wondering, and i DO NOT want to go threw them all on basil LOL
Nov 28 11
Bera I/L Arch Mage
i like those healing HP and MP familiars. it heals like 5% every 10 sec.
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Nov 28 11
Chaos Marksman
When I'm at LHC, I just stay at the middle platform and hold down Ultimate Strafe with a roll of pennies. Anyone in my similar situation should use the Jr. Boogie familiar. It recovers 30% of your MP every 10 seconds. I never use MP potions now.
Nov 28 11
Bera Evan 10th Growth
dreamszz: Like people are saying, the spider one is great when you're looking for something, and stuff that heals HP/MP is great for training.
Jr. Boogie is amazing.
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Nov 28 11*
Bellocan Buccaneer
Mr. Alli Familiar
Lv 99, can be found on the way to Krus/Captains
Heals 15%HP/MP every 10 seconds. Useful for all situations [Dojo, training, bossing, When you're seduced by a boss and can't pot]
The mutant snail familiar in Future Henesys is very good if the whole party has one and uses it. But it's also rare.
Nov 28 11
Broa Phantom 4
There are cards for different situations.

For hunting items : Big Spider / Mutant Ribbon Pig
For party training : Platoon Chrono / Mutant Snail (Platoon Chrono is 10%, and Mutant Snail is 15%)
For raw damage : Mutant Orange Mushroom / Advanced Knight A / Eckhart

Those are the ones that I think are the best. The ones that add stats are useless because they add 1, 2 and 3.
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