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Question About Ultimate Adventurers
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Nov 28 11
Bera Hero
I'm about to get level 120 on my DW, and I'm making an UA Thief.
I was just searching about the difference between UA's and normal Explorers, they get a CK skill and these equips, also start at lv 50.
My question is, what's good on these equips? I heard someone say that the helm is even better than a clean zhelm.
Can someone tell me what all the equips gives?

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Nov 28 11
Bellocan Paladin
im ua i know what is it first you forgot

the set is lv 60 thats means you can wear equips 10 lvs above you

the set is realy but REALY GOOD and in lv 70 you get another set even better

if you using all the set toghether you will get stats and the medal better then any explorer medal
and its the name of your cygnus

me name of my UA its YONIBOXS so my medals name its YONIBOX's succesor

and in the union you will get the soul that will help you in battle and some things that will make you stronger then any explorer and dont forget empres's blessing
Nov 28 11
Galicia Cannoneer 4


This is the little soul thingy link. Just keep scrolling down past the Cygnus knights.
Nov 28 11
Scania F/P Arch Mage
If you're a UA thief then you could go pure dexless
Nov 29 11
Bera Hero
yonabox I know the equips are good, but i wanted to know what does it gives.
MickeyDx I didn't find anything new on that, isnt that old patch?

Another question, can i make more than one UA?
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Nov 29 11
Windia Cannoneer 3
Yes, if you have more than 1 120 CK.
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Nov 29 11
Bera Hero
alltwo147 Only one UA for each CoK? Dam...

Anyone know the stats for the UA sets? I really wanna know it
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Nov 29 11
Bera Sniper
godys: alltwo147 Only one UA for each CoK? Dam...

Anyone know the stats for the UA sets? I really wanna know it


+10 attack buff + other stats if you wear the full set.

And you get a better set @ level 70.
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Nov 29 11
Windia Dawn Warrior 2
Do NOT make a sin, as they ONLY get 6 use slot rows so you would have to buy NX for it.
Nov 29 11
Scania Aran 4
you get less equip space...
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