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Dec 03 11
Scania Night Lord
Title says it all. My Demon Slayer is about level 47 and I have yet to receive the ring. How do you get one?
New MapleStory Screen: So close
Dec 03 11
Khaini Shadower
wait fo r it 2 come out
Dec 03 11
Scania Night Lord
Assassincom3: wait fo r it 2 come out
Hope you know im talking about Tespia, because its already out in Tespia.
New MapleStory Screen: So close
Dec 03 11
I think theres a quest where you get it wait for something amount of minutes and you turn it in to get the ring.

Sorry if im thinking of another though cause im not entirely sure
Dec 03 11
get to 50 and u get the ring
Dec 03 11
Mardia Aran 4
Get to level 50. When the ring is max level is is +4 all stat and +3 wep and magic atk.
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Dec 03 11
Scania Shadower
Get to level 50, like previously said.
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Dec 03 11
Scania Battle Mage 1
Get to level 50.Read next time you phoking noob

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