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List of Useful Familiars
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Dec 07 11
Bera Battle Mage 4
Come one come all, tell me and everyone else about good and useful familiars, whether it is their strength, ability, or cool looking. And say how long it took for you~i'll get us started

Jr Boogie of course, continuously heals a large amnt of mp-took only a minute or two
Death Teddy-continuously heals mp for you and your whole party
Black Kent-continuously heals a small amount of hp and mp for you and your party
Klock-turns you into a crimson (red) shadow
Poison Mushroom- also turns you into a crimson shadow
Jr Wraith-turns you into a regular shadow..
Dark Stone Golem- turns you into a darker shadow
Big spider- raises the drop rate of all items by a large amount
Platoon Chrono- Continuously heals a large amount of party members hp and mp
Dreamy Ghost- Continuously heals the vitality of summoned familiars (helpful when it isn't summoned, right?)
Book Ghost- Continuously heals a small amount of hp for you and your party; also pulls monsters toward you
Captain- Continuously heals the vitality of summoned familiars for you and your party
Mr. Alli- Cotinuously heals a large amount of hp and mp for you

*A lot of the lvl 160+ familiars are awesome and do a lot of damage:
the mutant snail heals a large amount of mp and hp for you and your party
Mutant Ribbon Pig increases drop rate of mesos and items, I think as much as the big spider.

Let's get some more
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Dec 07 11
Broa Shadower
Castle Golem - Heals a large amount of hp and mp to everybody around you (I think)
Dec 07 11
Khaini Dark Knight
What do those Jr. Wraith and Klock shadows do?
And when a familiar attacks, is the damage based on your range or do they always do same damage?

Also a bump, I want to know good familiars.
Dec 07 11
Scania Bow Master
Luminous shadow is a partially visible shadow and the Dark Stone Gollem Shadow is a completely black character.

I think The Boss is a very good card. bonus drop rate, fairly high attack pro as hell.
Dec 07 11
Bera Shadower
Gate Keeper - looks awesome
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Dec 07 11
Scania Marksman
I love my spider =D really help me a lot
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Dec 07 11
Windia Phantom 3
What are some good low level ones?
Dec 15 11
Windia Kaiser 4
So how hard is it to get a klock? I just recently got a jr. wraith. Pretty epic eh?
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Dec 15 11
Scania Phantom 2
Stirge gives some speed!
Dec 15 11
Scania Paladin
Extra D - Large MP Heal to you and PÓrty
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