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Justice Update and Thief Hero Coming

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Information has just been provided about the future patch. On December 15th KMS will have thief/pirate revamp. On December 29th the thief hero b** will be released.On January 12th a new town will come.

Also the trailer for the new Justice Update (Split into 3 parts will be coming)

There are 3 parts to it

Part 1: Thief & Pirate overhaul revamp.
Part 2: Thief hero Phantom will be released with awesome skills. Go thief.
Part 3: A new pq called Aswan Liberation will be released

Also game footage and commentary is now up. Skip to 3:48 to see the new skills;v=PprumLJGdAI#!

Spining cards? Prepared for thief stuff to skyrocket in price and thief hero be bandwagon. I love my thief classes. Phantom uses a new weapon called cane with his 2nd weapon being cards.

The way it works is that phantom receives 1 card for every critical. Phantom also has a link skill which increased your critical rate. This job shows how mobile thief is.

Important, Phantom has a skill which allows him/her to steal another character skill for a period of time.


What do you guys think? I wonder if this thief hero is going to be overpowered Will you make the thief hero class when its out?
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piratebladez Level 200 Kradia Buccaneer
oh my god please tell me he's not using freaking hurricane

**please tell me i'm hallucinating**[/quote]

i think you've had enough, i'll be taking the pipe now.
Dec 08 2011
wait, hacks? why does it get to use other job skills? D:<
Dec 08 2011
katsuo0 Level 114 Windia Marksman
huh something else is coming on january 12th for kms...cant wait
Dec 08 2011
You know GMS is slow when they get the next Hero before we even get the third Legends character.
Dec 08 2011
Uh... I don't even...


Was that hurricane..? and heavens hammer..?

and dat tele..
Dec 08 2011
piratebladez Level 200 Kradia Buccaneer
@poid: well that's not like nexon at all...copying skills from other classes AND NOT EVEN RE-SKINNING THEM...nope, not the nexon i know and love
Dec 08 2011
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