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Justice Update and Thief Hero Coming

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Information has just been provided about the future patch. On December 15th KMS will have thief/pirate revamp. On December 29th the thief hero b** will be released.On January 12th a new town will come.

Also the trailer for the new Justice Update (Split into 3 parts will be coming)

There are 3 parts to it

Part 1: Thief & Pirate overhaul revamp.
Part 2: Thief hero Phantom will be released with awesome skills. Go thief.
Part 3: A new pq called Aswan Liberation will be released

Also game footage and commentary is now up. Skip to 3:48 to see the new skills;v=PprumLJGdAI#!

Spining cards? Prepared for thief stuff to skyrocket in price and thief hero be bandwagon. I love my thief classes. Phantom uses a new weapon called cane with his 2nd weapon being cards.

The way it works is that phantom receives 1 card for every critical. Phantom also has a link skill which increased your critical rate. This job shows how mobile thief is.

Important, Phantom has a skill which allows him/her to steal another character skill for a period of time.


What do you guys think? I wonder if this thief hero is going to be overpowered Will you make the thief hero class when its out?
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ghostme Level 174 Scania Phantom 4
I think Nexon still has yet to change the animations for some skills. I mean Huricane and H.Hammer have the same animations..
But overall most of the other skills don't seem that unique.
Dec 08 2011
Butterring Level 201 Windia Phantom 4
as most people said phantom can "steal" skills but i think you can only steal from party members
Dec 08 2011
Also about his combo skill the one that he jump as a part of the combo to throw exploding stars or w/e , its nice how he steps like 10 steps back by using it , looks special and really like a phantom (close hit - jump back as he throws stars)
Dec 08 2011
SeeminglyExists Level 160 Bera Dark Knight
Maybe its just plain L like the riuzaki from death note
Sounds epic too!

Dec 08 2011
Wearcity Level 161 Windia Bow Master
funny how some think he will be able to continuously Use hurricane/ heaven hammer..... >.<
I'm pretty sure they're going to put a cool down on it.
Like seriously why would he be the thief hero if hes just going to use hurricane as a main attack.
Dec 08 2011
Powerbomb Level 148 Arcania I/L Arch Mage
Hey guys, look! It's a Mercedes that uses thief equips and can steal skills from other classes!
Dec 08 2011
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