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Dec 11 11
Broa Cleric
To clarify,

To earn coins....
What do you do?
Obviously.. You do the Gaga quest which is a time waster in my opinion because it only gives you one coin...
You level your profession.
Do Pvp?
I don't know what the mule thing is about though...
How do you get the most?

I'm sorry their are a lot of threads like this... But they don't really explain all that much.

Also is the Legendary ring worth it? To purchase with like 30 coins?
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Dec 11 11
Scania Night Lord
If u didn't know after complete a mission u get 5 coins extra.
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Dec 11 11
Scania Sniper
You do Gaga's quest. I took me around 5 minutes to get 30 event items. You need to do 30 of those, so that's collecting 900 Event item, if my brain is working correctly.
And that's around 70-100 Legend Coins.
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Dec 11 11
Windia Night Lord
i got 60 on my cannoneer(around there) when i finished all the quests, the last one is repeatable,BUT, you only get 1 coin, and the pvp one isnt until tomorrow
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Dec 11 11
Khaini Cannoneer 4
Just boost level your smithing level. Its gonna cost around 10m to get it to lvl 10, and if you do- you get about 60+ coins. Not too hard
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Dec 11 11
Windia Paladin
I heard PQs give them to you, and leveling...
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Dec 11 11
Windia Night Lord
pqs? o3o tell me more
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Dec 11 11*
Khaini Marksman
^Nahhh, I think PQ's give coins as part of an event in January.

Here are the sources for getting coins confirmed so far:

Leveling up professions:
1 coin for reaching levels 2-4, 2 for 5-7, 3 for 8-10 so
5 professions * (1 * 3+ 2* 3+ 3* 3) = 90 coins

Gaga's missions:
Each mission has 3/5/7/10 rounds. You get a coin for completing each round. You also get a bonus coin for each round a mission is when you complete a mission (a 3 round mission = 3 bonus coins at the end), effectively doubling coin yield so
2 * (3+5+7+10) = 50 coins
Of course, the final mission is repeatable for coins, so technically, you can get infinite from Gaga, but we're assuming you ditch him after completion.

Leveling up a Legends class:
2nd job- 1 coin
3rd job- 3 coins
4th job- 6 coins
1 + 3 +6 = 10 coins

Then the variable sources:
Music Box Gach
Hot Time
The Gift of Tomorrow Box thingy

So right now, those who are wiling to blow just a measly 20 mil and ~5 hours or so will be able to get about: 90 + 50 = 140 coins on a single character consistently.
Those who want to level their canoneer can get another 150 coins for a total of 290 per 2 chars.

In other words, for those with moderate money and lots of time to blow, these coins should be pretty easy to get.
Dec 11 11
Broa Cleric
why is everything so time oriented...


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