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Pando Media Booster information please?

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I read in one thread someone that we should uninstall it since the new patch, but it only got 1 (criticizing) reply before being locked. What is it and what does it do?

I have looked around a bit and saw some threads how we should uninstall it cause it makes our computer run slower. If we uninstalled it, would it make the computer, as well as MS, run faster/better?

I don't really have a problem in game play, I rarely get disconnected or lag. This question is more for my friend (he gets disconnected every 10-30 min it seems like, and has to restart his whole computer) who isn't gonna ask this cause he is waiting to play again when Demon Slayers come out (the weirdo, lol).

So if anyone has any information regarding Pando Media Booster, what it does and what is does when uninstalled, that would be greatly appreciated.
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it steals your bandwidth so nexon's servers don't have as much of a load
uninstall it to make your internet faster. it auto reinstalls every patch, so you have to uninstall it every patch
Dec 13 2011
Pando Media Booster basically uses more resources from your computer to download the game faster. Deleting it makes your computer much fast.
Dec 13 2011
can't find the pando media booster anywhere.. any clues guys?[/quote]

Um...Start, open control panel. Go to the tab that says 'Programs' then find where it says 'Uninstall' or 'Uninstall a Program.' When all your programs come up, hit 'P' to cycle through your programs that start with a P. You should find it. If you can't...sorry
Dec 13 2011
I recall reading many posts from various people saying it uses up your Bandwidth or your Internet limit (If you're with Rogers or something with a monthly limit) or something like that.

As for those who say it gets re-installed every time Maplestory has a patch, I don't know if that's true... because, I updated Maplestory but I don't see Pando Media Booster anywhere on my computer.

Edit: Oh, and as far as "How useful" it is goes, I honestly think it's not. I think it just acts like a Torrenting program, but just for Maplestory (Or any of Nexon's games) to speed up the download process. If you uninstall it, you won't see any significant change in your PC performance or Maplestroy performance.

If you're friend D/C's a lot, then maybe his computer over heats and freezes, or his internet connection/service provider is bad. Maybe it's just the area he lives in, sometimes they don't have as good a connectivity as other areas.
Dec 13 2011
Hi guys - I just wanted to clear up some confusion about PMB.

Pando Media Booster (PMB) is an application used by game and software publishers including Nexon to ensure fast and reliable downloads of large files. PMB will not download files to your machine without your express permission, and no other files can be shared on your computer via PMB.

Maplestory only uses PMB to download the installer, not to patch or update.

How much bandwidth PMB uses is entirely up to you. That, and a number of other features, can be controlled by going to Control Panel and double clicking PMB. You can:

- set it to turn on at Windows Startup,
- turn it off manually,
- set an upload speed limit,
- uninstall the application from your machine once the download has completed.

We want to make the process of using PMB easy and hassle free for both users and publishers. For more in depth assistance, please see the FAQ and Help pages on the official Pandonetworks website.

If you are having trouble with PMB or have a question that is not covered in the FAQ, you can email Pando Support directly at downloader@pandonetworks.
Dec 13 2011

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