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How to get a high range

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Well I have a question: ''How do I get a high range?''

I have the following stats:
- 144att casa crow / 15%total dmg / 15%Pdr
- 95% Dex (will be around 105%)

My clean range is currently 27k (Self buffed without mw is 35k)
I'm Lv 174 and I'm wondering why i hear marksman with similar equips have a much higher range (like 50k+)

So how do I upgrade my range the best.
Posted: December 2011 Permalink


kosmachine Level 182 Windia Battle Mage 4
%dex is not everything. W.atks counts quite a bit.
When i has around 5x% str, i was doing almost identical range to aran with more than 100% str, i have more base dex too, similar level. I guess only big difference was in w.atk. I had more on my weapon, shoes and cape.
Dec 13 2011
Chicken4u Level 200 Gemini I/L Arch Mage
Keep upgrading your %dex. For 50k range,you will be needing 155% dex or more.
Dec 13 2011
Dayum I only have 13%more dex and my range is 30.3k lvl 149 base str is 20 lol.
Dec 13 2011
Dec 13 2011
Anu07 Level 180 Scania Aran 4
wow I only have like 40% str and I have around 26k range.
Dec 13 2011

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