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Dec 18 11
Scania Wind Archer 1
anyone can tell me the fastest easy way and possible cheapest to get to level 30 charm so i can get the pocket slot?
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Dec 18 11
Khaini Night Lord
Some PQs give charm. Some items do as well, like spiegelman's mustache gives 50 or 100 charm or something and some of the item drops in the park itself give charm.
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Dec 18 11
Nova Wind Archer 3
Buy fame
And what the other guy said.
Dec 18 11
DemethosGMS Evan 10th Growth
dynamic hair change hair and face with reg coupons if you have nx
only pq i know of that gives charm is orbos goddess pq

and yah you could always use items like timeless shields(why timeless shields they end up highest stat shield then upgrade it to fearless if you can find recipe(more scroll slots)
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Dec 18 11
Scania Phantom 4
Go on zakum runs with friends and loot the Zhelms, they give like 40 charm each time so you can pick up drop, pick up, repeat.
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Dec 18 11
Khaini Bishop
Kenta's PQ also gives charm, but you have to be 120+ for it and if you get in a high level group you'll probably die and not finish it...
Dec 18 11
Broa Dark Knight
kenta pq gives charm and speigleman mustache
Dec 18 11
Nova Bishop
I used to zak twice a day with a godly DB in my guild (he got hacked after reaching 200 though... )
I equipped every helm. Usually three or four dropped so that was a good 150+ charm exp per day
Too bad you are in Scania though.

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