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Unofficial Kerning Party Quest Guide Post-Ascension

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ropro Level 108 Windia I/L Mage

So since I haven't seen any guides for Kerning Party Quest Post-Acension patch, I decided to make one myself; hope you like it.

Getting in

So the first thing to do is have 3-4 Members in your party. (Including you.)
It is highly recommended to have members in your party who are around your level range.
You can either spam "J>PQ" (Joining Party Quest.) or create a party yourself and spam "R>PQ" (Recruiting people to Party Quest.)
Once you have a party of 3 or 4 (Including you.), talk to the NPC to get you in.

  • *Notes:
  1. You have to be AT LEAST level 20 to get to the Party Quest area from the dimensional door.
  2. You would NOT get in if there is another party doing this Party Quest in the same channel. If there is a party on the channel, you can change channels until you get in.
  3. Like any other Party Quest, you can do it up to 10 times a day. The NPC will not let you in if 1 (Or more.) of the party members have done this Party Quest 10 time at the same day.**

Once you get in, you have 20 minutes to complete all 5 stages of the Party Quest.

Stage 1

In this stage, Cloto will ask everyone expect the leader to get a certain amount of tickets. (She can ask for 3, 7, or 8.)
To get the tickets, you need to kill the crocodiles in the stage and they will drop tickets (They are orange, by the way.) in 100% rate.
Once you/the other members have the exact amount of tickets she asked you; talk to her. The system will get a pass (There is a yellow message on the screen that announces when the system gets a pass.) If you have 3 members in your party; you need 2 passes. If you have 4 members in your party; you need 3 passes.
Once you have enough passes, the leader should talk to the NPC to the right and the portal to the next stage will appear.

[i]Note: The crocodiles' level is the mean level of the party members; the level affects their stats.[/i]

Stage 2

In this stage, there are 4 ropes. You and your party members need to get on 3 ropes out of the 4. When you get on 3 of them, talk to Cloto to check it. If you got the right combination; it will say clear and the portal will open. Otherwise; get another combination until it says clear.
There are 4 combinations: 2-3-4, 1-3-4, 1-2-4, and 1-2-3 (Basically: Without 1, without 2, without 3, and without 4.)
Once the stage in cleared, the portal to the next stage will open.

Stage 3

This stage is quite similiar to the previous stage expect there are 5 instead of 4 and they are platforms; instead of ropes.
You need to choose 3 platforms out of the 5 for a combination.
There are 10 possible combinations in this stage: 1-2-3, 1-2-4, 1-2-5, 1-3-4, 1-3-5, 1-4-5, 2-3-4, 2-3-5, 2-4-5, and 3-4-5
In this stage, she will tell you how many of the platforms you chose are correct. Basically, go through all of them (Unless you know that some of them are incorrect.) until you find the right one.
When you got a combination, talk to Cloto and she'll check it. Again, if it's correct; take the portal. If not; try the others until you get the right one.

Stage 4

In this stage, you need to kill all the Cursed Eyes and when you're done, talk to Cloto to advance to the next stage.
[i]Note: The Cursed Eyes' level is the mean of the party members' level. The monsters' stats will depend on the level.[/i]

Stage 5

In this stage, you need to kill the boss. When you kill it; you're pretty much done! Talk to Cloto to get you out of the place.
Pro tip: Loot the Squishy Liquid it drops (When any member of the party collects it; all the party gets one.), and the Card if you need it. And it may as well drop the Shoes!

Rewards: EXP, and when you have at least 15 Squishy Liquids, you can trade if for an upgraded Slime Shoes! (2 All stats I believe.)

This is the end of the guide, I hope you liked it; thank you for reading.

If you find any mistakes; please write it down in the comments.
Posted: December 2011 Permalink


Good guide although I don't see lots of people KPQing nowadays.

Also an even pro-er tip is to use a pet w/ item pouch, binoculars, magic scales, and winged boots to loot all(or most) of the drops from the boss.
Dec 20 2011
MidnightDark Level 200 Windia Aran 4
Great job, although I don't really think pq guides are needed anymore seeing as all the party quests have become way too easy to complete.
Dec 20 2011
ropro Level 108 Windia I/L Mage
@darkorbit: Thank you, and King Slime doesn't drop anything really important; Mainly just potions the Card and the Squishy Liquid. But thanks anyways!
@MidnightDark: Well, I was just trying to help... And thank you.
Thanks for the comments!
Dec 20 2011
No offence, but I don't think you really need a guide for this PQ.
Dec 24 2011
ropro Level 108 Windia I/L Mage
@sha969696: Thank you very much! =D
@RaWrTiMeLoW: Well, that doesn't mean that no one need this guide...
@PraisedAura: Some people may actually need this guide. And believe it or not; sometimes there is more than 3 people in Ch. 1 waiting for people.
Dec 24 2011
Extractor Level 150 Khaini Night Lord
People still do this PQ enough for it to need a guide? They didn't dumb it down enough? [/quote]they did.
my 8 year old nephew had no problems with the PQ on his first try throughout..

maybe i'll make a guide to tutorial island
Dec 24 2011

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