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Dec 24 11
Bera Cannoneer 3
im level 10 i skipped the tutorial and multiple other characters with no problems. i go to the darklord and he says something about secrets and says he doesn't know what im talking about. why can't i become a thief? i'm a beginner so i should be able to pick my class
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Dec 24 11
Bera Blade Recruit
you obviously don't know the secrets.. if you knew them you would become a thief asap..
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Dec 24 11
Bera Mercedes 3
i think you chose to become a dual blade, so you have to talk to the guy with the straw hat in kerning
Dec 24 11
You talk to the guy outside in white. Assuming you picked dual blader class.
Dec 24 11
Bera Cannoneer 3
i didn't pick dual blade i picked the normal adventurer thing. it says i need to talk to mai for my job advancement quest but obviously i can because she's on maple island and im in victoria because i skipped the tutorial
Dec 24 11
Mai is just for training. Have you tried talking to the guy outside?
Dec 24 11
KradiaGMS Blade Lord
what if u picked the cannon shooter?
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Dec 24 11
Windia Night Lord
Skipping the tutorial doesn't matter. Did you select the wrong job?
Dec 24 11
Khaini Blade Lord
Do you have 25 dex?
New MapleStory Screen: @grendel thanks
Dec 24 11
Bera Cannoneer 3
oh nvm i figured it out i did have to talk to mai just had to click the lightbulb on the left and complete her quest LOLOLOL. oh well xD
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