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Dec 26 11
Bera Chief Bandit
What would be the best place to grind/pq from 100-120.

I know 110+ is LHC but how about 100-110?

Thanks in advance
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Dec 26 11
Scania Luminous 4
I would like to know this too. 110-120 is too hard.
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Dec 26 11
Scania I/L Arch Mage
Monster park on 2x is REALLY nice. Then at 110 go to lhc, but they might not party 120- people so be prepared to stay at monster park a while.
Dec 26 11
Bera Priest
u could go pirates
Dec 26 11
Galicia Buccaneer
there's never anyone lv 90-120 at monster park
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Dec 26 11
Scania Mercedes 4
rsbob1996: there's never anyone lv 90-120 at monster park

i solo monster park 10x less complicated lol
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Dec 26 11
Windia Mercedes 4
MPQ. REally good exp grinding roids.
Dec 26 11
Broa Phantom 4
I easily got through 110~120 by PQing. If you get bored of MPQ, then go ahead and PPQ. Bored of PPQ? Tried Ellin PQ. Nobody there? No surprise but go to Ludi PQ. If all else fails, go grind at Dual Ghost Pirates or Spirit Vikings
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Dec 26 11
Windia Mercedes 4
it took 30minutes for 100-110 D life is easier with 2x exp event + 1.5 + 2x + hs + mercede 10% + pendent 30% D...
Dec 26 11
Windia Buccaneer
Wtf? 110-120 is sooo easy! Its the same as 70-80
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