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How to get to Neo City?

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So I'm about to hit lv. 100 on my mercedes and saw that a lot of the lv 10x monsters are in neo city.

Wondering if i can go there @ lv. 100, would it be suitable for training, and how to get there.

Btw, I checked with Hans the Broker, but no sign of the starting quest.
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Nolen Level 174 Scania Corsair Justaway Guild
Thats a bad place to train and its buggy
Dec 31 2011
Ty for your feedback @LazyLazyLazy

I guess staying at pirates then ludi around 106 would be better?
Dec 31 2011
Xandoy Level 97 Scania Crusader
The Guild?
I used to be in it
Dec 31 2011

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