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Can I fight King Slime without going through the Kpq?

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I just came back from a long break from maplestory and I was doing the whole codex, was wondering if I could get the king slime card without having to go through the pq.
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zeroorhero9x Level 125 Scania Night Lord
pq is for lvl 20-200
Jan 01 2012
You have to do the PQ. It doesn't spawn anywhere else.
Jan 01 2012
Nope, but anyone do a pq now regardless of how high they level, so it shouldn't be too much trouble to do one.
Jan 01 2012
BadgerDontCare Level 200 Broa Phantom 4
I believe you cannot. You must do the pq. If you're worried that you can't do it because you're too high leveled, they changed that with KPQ. Now any level from 10-200 can do KPQ. There's just the problem of finding a party.
Jan 01 2012
You could have done the pq the whole time you were making this thread...
Jan 01 2012
Haha, I am in Yellonde, The emtiest server in the world. And thanks, I didn't know they changed the level requirement. thanks a bunch guys, have a happy new year.
Jan 01 2012
CDRandom Level 201 Bellocan Beast Tamer Cat
Well you asked if you can fight it, so you could go to the dojo, but the only monster card you can get in the dojo is Mu Gong's.
Jan 01 2012
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