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Multi-pet skill question

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Hi guys and girls

I have a few questions about the multi-pet skill in EMS:
  1. If I buy a Persian cat from cash shop, do I get the multi-pet skill? (The quest from Bartos is removed...) Or is there any other way to get it?
  2. If i do get the multi-pet skill from Persian cat, does it work for only Persian cats or for other pets too? (I do have a Shark and a Toucan)

I will be very happy if any1 could help me with the answer on these questions
Posted: January 2012 Permalink


It should work with all pets, the quest appears once you have a pet, you must also have the pet treat/snack for the quest.
But keep in mind I only know about gMS, I am only assuming it is the same in eMS.

Multipet lets you have any combination of pets you'd like, I have two unicorns and a skunk x). Just one has to be the leader.
Jan 02 2012
We dont have the same system as in GMS anymore
sorry i cant help you :x ive been wondering the same thing actually
Jan 02 2012
BUMP. As I said, this is for EMS, and the quest from Bartos (the one with pet snack) doesnt exist anymore...
I would really need help about this D:
Jan 02 2012
I think that you are able to have or 3 Persian cats (or any pet with that multipet thing in its description) or 1 random pet and 2 multipets.
This is all theory through since I don't have any pets.
Jan 03 2012

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