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Gunslinger training 30 to 120?

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Where should I train my gun slinger from level 30 to level 120 ( I understand it goes faster 70 to 120)
Posted: January


the same place you train any other class....

30-50: scarecrows (haunted house)
50-70: jesters (haunted house)
70-90: mp3 (singapore)
90-110: more mp3 or pirates (herb town) or dual ghost pirates at 100+ in ludi since they are fire weak (pot burn)
110-120: lhc
lazypandoLevel 200 Windia Corsair
Jan 04 2012
Or you could do something different, instead of constantly having to fend off KSers... (Choose which one is better suited towards you survivability and funding.)

30-35: Skyscraper 2 (Mushking)
35-45: Truckers (Singapore)
45-55: Oly Olys (Malaysia), Robos (Ludi)
55-70: Mateons (Second map, Omega Sector)
70-80: Sand Rats (Ariant), Iron Mutaes (Magatia), Straw/Wood Target Dummies (Mu Lung)
80-90: Roids (Magatia)
90-100 (Possibly past 100, depending on your damage): Buffies (Ludi), Captains/Krus (Herb Town)
100-110: Hobis (Leafre), (Dual) Ghost Pirates (NOTE: They may be fire weak, but they resist ice!) (Ludi), Death Teddies (NOT MTDs, as normals are weak to Fire but not strong to ice)
110-120: LHC, Death Teddies

lazypando's list would be 'faster', but since we're a very weak class 3rd job, we can't fend off KSers all that well.

Macro Flamethrower and Ice Splitter for mobbing.
Jan 05 2012
truetrue it would be a bit difficult in crowded worlds. the only thing i have comment on is that it's a lot of traveling for such low levels. you'd probably spend more time traveling than grinding.
lazypandoLevel 200 Windia Corsair
Jan 05 2012
Golden Temple til 110 its free atm and unlimited IMO best plae to train right now no ksers and u can get ravana helm for free . ;D
chowbzLevel 131 Broa Aran 4
Jan 07 2012
where should i train
61 to 70
jesters are too crowded
i heard robos and zeta grays are good or even mateons
also how long would it take me if i trained at these spots?
Jan 07 2012

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