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how do I get to future henesys?

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can combody please tell me how to get to future henesys? and is this the same place that all the vip/uwg comes from? if it isnt can you tell me how to get there as well?
Posted: January 2012 Permalink


Mirandath Level 80 Windia Aran 3
You wait 100 years
Jan 06 2012
biyomon3 Level 162 Bellocan Battle Mage 4
You need to be 160+ and go to.. somewhere in ToT. Never been there myself so I can't really help. :x
Jan 06 2012
You got to be level 160+, and its an enterance at ToT.
It is not where uwg/vip comes from, thats visitor pq.
Jan 06 2012
wheres temple of time? how do I get there? and what level requirement is visitor pq?
Jan 06 2012
thanks xxdrkcha0sxx , thats exactly what I was looking for!
Jan 06 2012
Hyper teleport rock gets you into Future Henesys at any level
Jan 06 2012
willca1 Level 168 Reboot Dark Knight
you become lvl 160+ take the door that looks broken inside ToT and then go to portal to the right in there, the future is fun.
Jan 06 2012
TheFineEveryday Level 200 Bera Mercedes 4
Future Henesys not even worth your time, ALL BOTTERS.
Jan 06 2012

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