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What is the least popular class?

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Jan 07 12
Galicia Bishop
I just wanna know what is the least popular class right so I can make it please tell me your opinions
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Jan 07 12
Khaini Marksman
im pretty sure marksman is pretty unpopular
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Jan 07 12
Windia Dawn Warrior 4
I love my crossbow so I hug it *is marksmen*
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Jan 07 12
Khaini I/L Wizard
ice/lightning and fire/poison mage are quite unpopular
neither is marksmen
thats all i have right now
Jan 17 12
Broa Shadower
Jan 17 12*
Scania Magician
Feels like it's been ages since I've seen a Wind Archer.
Do Cygnus Knights even count as real classes? I always thought of them as stepping stools or subclasses -- just things people use as a means to an end (i.e. the ultimate adventurer and the weapon attack bonus). Still, it's been ages since I've seen a Wind Archer. Hell, I haven't seen bowmasters or marksmen in a while, either. . .

I-It's not like I miss them, or anything! ;_;
Jan 17 12
Bera Blaze Wizard 4
Loner Guild
My class isn't a popular choice, but i like it
I don't see a lot of Archmages around anymore either, but i made one and enjoy it as well
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Jan 17 12
Windia Cannoneer 3
It always changes lol.. I remember when I rarely saw bowmen/mages(excluding priests) and then jump comes and BAM! They're everywhere.
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Jan 17 12
Broa Night Lord
I haven't seen a Dawn Warrior since they were nerfed. xD
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Jan 17 12
Broa Marauder
DW, MM, Mechs, Sairs, BM...
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