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Decent Adv Bless, Co, Si

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So, I just cubed out Decent Combat Orders on my VSS (level 90 shoe)

Does anyone know how to get Advanced Bless and Speed Infusion? Which equips do I need to cube and are there level req. for those equips?

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Advanced blessing are from hats and SI are from gloves.
Jan 12 2012
AznDrkx Level 151 Windia Buccaneer
Selling Rent?
Jan 12 2012
spreadthegen Level 200 Bellocan Battle Mage 4
edit: I was completely wrong
Jan 12 2012
What level gloves do they need to be?

No im not renting sorry.
Jan 12 2012
FrostyGun Level 200 Broa Demon Slayer 4
120+ Gloves for SI
70+ for CO
120+ Hat for Adv Bless.
Jan 12 2012
So we dont need psok for co? if so LoveVictim here I come.
Jan 12 2012
Thx Waffie alot (=
Jan 12 2012
is Si, Co and Adv Bless only from legend pot?
Jan 12 2012
Sommonn Level 189 Bera Aran 4
in bera a guy has glove with 2 new decent skills
Jan 12 2012
ThaFrenchy337 Level 166 Windia Bow Master
Hey david (btw can i borrow?)
Btw also u should update your guy
Jan 12 2012
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