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Decent Adv Bless, Co, Si

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So, I just cubed out Decent Combat Orders on my VSS (level 90 shoe)

Does anyone know how to get Advanced Bless and Speed Infusion? Which equips do I need to cube and are there level req. for those equips?

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Advanced blessing are from hats and SI are from gloves.
Jan 12 2012
AznDrkx Level 151 Windia Buccaneer
Selling Rent?
Jan 12 2012
What level gloves do they need to be?

No im not renting sorry.
Jan 12 2012
Thx Waffie alot (=
Jan 12 2012
Sommonn Level 189 Bera Aran 4
in bera a guy has glove with 2 new decent skills
Jan 12 2012
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