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Decent combat orders

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So i was wondering, out of all the new decent useful skills, is combat order needed the least?Because, if one ever does reach lvl 200, all the skills that are needed are maxed. So is it the least useful out of the new skills that are available?
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CO can go above maxed skills for 4th job. So if your 4th job max skill is 30, it adds +2 making it 32.
Jan 13 2012
the Question is can u reach 200
? doubt so[/quote]

thats why i said IF
Jan 13 2012
If it's Decent skill, maybe it'll only do +1 o_o
Jan 13 2012
decent CO does indeed add only 1 not 2+
Jan 13 2012
Combat Orders can make a maxed skill go over the max level lol
Jan 13 2012
raicouri Level 194 Reboot Blade Master
when it comes down do it, if u dont have ANY decent skills, CO is actually lower down on ur list. i mean +1 pt to, say, thorns is lik +1 atk and +2 % stance.
SE, HB, Adv bless or Haste are much more preferable
Jan 13 2012
lilseventeen Level 165 Broa Shadower
Not totally on topic, but do the +1/+2 all skill levels from hats push skill levels past max? Or is that only CO and decent CO?
Jan 13 2012
wondering this too^ because if it doesnt, +1 skill point doesnt do much and you max all skills later anyways
Jan 13 2012

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